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    This page will have day to day things of what the club is doing on club nights. The latest one's first.

    Another way to check whats going on in the club is to join the "Grange Farm Hobbies Centre" on facebook. We also have a Scunthorpe Modern Image Railway Group, you can like and follow, as some post dirrectly on the group pages.


    23rd October.

    Ollie running HST and Voyager on Roberts Road. Richard doing a bit more scenery on Neely.


    Zeb completed testing all tracks on the new OO layout.

    Friday 4th & 7th October


    Tyler and Steve making new signs for next years show. Andy laying out track for Tylers new N gauge layout.

    14th October.


    The new OO layout on its first DCC test run, after a few frame mods to fit it.


    Andy doing his first soldering on his N guage build 

    gallery/andy soldering 14th oct
    gallery/ist dcc run on layout 14th oct

    18th November. The top two pics are of Dave's "Foreign" loco's on Neely. The bottom, Andy progressing with his track build and Richards Roberts Road having an extention to the fiddle yard 

    Monday 9th Dec. The platforms made by Steve are now cut out and rebated for cables underneath, ready for fitting.

    Andy's new layout progressing with cables being wired up underneath.



    17th December. Well, been busy over the last week or two, the pictures are not in the right order, but show whats going on!

    Steve built up two CDU units guided by Terry, Andy has been installing his seep units, again with Terry.

    Arthur started to ballast some of the goods yard track on the new club "00" layout, platforms are now being worked on (pics to follow), the bottom two are Andy and Terry building up and fitting seeps on the layout.

    We was closed most of Christmas, but Neely being run up again with Geof's engines, Jasons laser cut station having a rest on the club OO layout. Last but not least Mark having a lesson on operation Neely.

    Monday 14th January, Pete and Stephen have been testing out the OO guage track again. Andy, under Terry's watchful eye is progressing with fitting his point motors (seeps)